Professional Programme

Professional Certificate I

The programme introduces students to the world of advertising and producing television commercials. They learn to analyze and study audio- visual advertising techniques and produce a TV commercial. It introduces students to all aspects of advertisement production such as submitting proposals to client, negotiating parameters, generating, evaluating and testing ideas, and to finally get the approval for production. It includes pre-production i.e. scripting, storyboards, identifying director, producer, camera operator, production scheduling, required permission followed by the setting up and checking of equipment for the actual shooting. The students complete the post production that includes editing with the required effects, graphics and sound dubbing for final presentation and approval.

We also teach the fundamentals of marketing and communication strategy which envisages the use of a variety of media to market a product /service/social message. The students develop skills to organize press conferences, write publicity material and plan, document and organize events for private and public organizations. On completion of the programme, the students would have competencies to develop a media plan, create an advertising campaign which envisages the use of the Print, Radio, Television and Web Media and be competent to organize corporate events and public relation activities.

  • • PR & Event Management
  • • Ad shot & TV Commercial
  • • Production Planning and Budgeting
  • • Post Production

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