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This programme provides you an understanding of Cinematic perspectives in media; cultural studies and the basics of animation studies used the TV and cinema graphics. The students learn to script and produce short films and are acquainted with the language of cinema, cinematic theories and genres through a series of tutor – led screenings. This leads to learning the art of script and dialogue writing for fiction films. You will then learn to draw up a production plan and budget, assemble a shooting unit and produce a short fiction film. We teach motion graphics and composting techniques which are used in editing films.

The programme also aims at students who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in convergent media and animation. The programme provides a theoretical foundation in these important forms of mass communication and imparts requisite skills in these areas.

During your programme, the students will study how information is disseminated on the convergent media through webzines, web journals and blogs and also gain experience in using new media tools and techniques to create an e- journal. The programme includes stop frame animation which enables students to ideate script and create storyboards. They are then ready to plan and produce animation characters, sets and modules to produce a short animation film.

  • • Film Appreciation
  • • Script Writing fiction/ films
  • • Convergent Journalism - Journalism for web media
  • • Animation Techniques
  • • Project design - Implementation and Evaluation
  • • Showreel production

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