Professional Programme

Professional Certificate I

This programme focuses on introducing the students to the world of advertising and specifically to the art of producing television commercials. Students will analyze and study audio- visual advertising techniques and produce a TV commercial. The programme ensures that the students develop the skills to devise a communication plan which envisages the use of a variety of media to market a product /service/social message. They are introduced to Public Relations activities like - organizing press conferences, writing publicity material and planning, documenting and managing events for private and public organizations. They also learn how to plan, schedule, organize, shoot and manage the production within the given budget. Demonstrating abilities by handling the production of a short TV programme, will give them hands on experience on the situational challenges of being a producer for both the News as well as fiction productions.

On completion of this programme, the students will be competent to plan advertising campaigns and create a branding strategy for an organization using various forms of media. They will be able to create short corporate films, ad-shots and promos for television. In addition to this, they will be competent to organize corporate events and public relation activities

  • • PR & Event Management
  • • Ad shot & TV commercial
  • • Production planning and Budgeting
  • • Post Production
  • • Contextual studies for Creative Media Production
  • • Special Subject investigation for creative media production

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