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An optimal way to gain field knowledge

WLCI’s School of Media has developed Part Time Programmes to offer learners an opportunity to gain the requisite knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue careers in their chosen profession of News Journalism, TV Advertising, Public Relations and Documentary Production.

The curriculum enables the learners to develop core fundamental skills required in the Media Industry. The flexible nature of these programmes offers the opportunity for part time students to gain knowledge in an optimal manner.

Media Programs
  • News Journalism
  • Electronic News Gathering –Tools & methods
  • Broadcasting Equipments and News Channel Setup
  • On Air Interview Techniques – Jargons and CUE- SIGNS
  • TV Advertising and
    Public Relations
  • Production of TV Advertisement
  • Public Relation
  • Press Relation
  • Brand and Image Management
  • Documentary Production
  • Research, Scripting and Pre Production
  • Shooting Documentary
  • Post Production – Editing Documentary Film
Media Programs

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