Media Finishing School

A bright future in Media beckons you
WLCI’s School of Digital Media and Communications introduces a MEDIA FINISHING SCHOOL, WHICH PREPARES THE MEDIA AND OTHER GRADUATES JOB READY. THESE INCLUDE SPECILISATION IN SPORTS, BUSINESS, DIGI MEDIA AND COMMUNCATIONS CAREERS AND PLACEMENT IN COVETED MEDIA ORGANISATIONS. Through a comprehensive training system, the specialized courses offer a strong ORIENTATION in media streams to graduates who come from various disciplines. The courses are structured with working professionals as anchors, so that trainees get placements at the end of the year.

Advanced learning
These programmes give the young learners an opportunity to study Media at an advanced level by examining a range of media issues, forms of communication and semiotics. Students also gain knowledge in Media Law & Ethics, Research, Journalistic Techniques, Media Marketing, and Public Relation & Event Management.

Broad avenues
Pursuing a programme at WLCI’s School of Digital Media & Communications can open the doors for careers in a wide variety of field in the Media Industry.

Specialized finishing school programs for graduates ensure easy placements and assured careers in Sports, Business, Digi media and Communications (PR)

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