The Programme introduces students to all aspects of Television production. It focuses on providing theoretical and practical knowledge of Television production techniques. The students will learn to operate professional video Cameras and non linear video editing equipments required to produce television programmes and video films.

During the programme they will be introduced to various essential equipments used in television and video production and be familiarized with the organized environment of shooting studios, sound recording studios and specialized editing machines through demonstrations held in these facilities. They are also trained in basic lighting techniques for both indoor and outdoor locations.

The students learn to analyze factual and fiction editing conventions and apply these principles along with editing techniques to handle time and pace in creating visual sequences and explore the creative options open to an editor. Having understood and developed basic skills in Camera, lighting, sound and editing, they will then learn to write, interview and report news stories.

On completion of this programme the students would have acquired competencies in operating video camera, light, sound and editing equipments and also develop the ability to write, report, shoot and edit news stories for television.

  • • News Production for TV
  • • Camera and Lighting techniques for moving image production
  • • Non-linear Video Editing
  • • TV Promo Production
  • • Scripting for TV
  • • Work Experience in Media

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