The Programme introduces all aspects of TV anchoring techniques. It focuses on providing theoretical and practical knowledge of Television Channel management and operations of all departments within the media house. The students will learn about the television industry, the models of ownership, institutional factors that affect distribution and the role of government and other regulatory bodies, both nationally and internationally. They will also be able to identify factors affecting access to television production and reception, and understand the approaches in the analysis of television texts. At this level of the programme students are equipped to do actual research and TV Reporting leading to production of “News bulletin”. They are then taught Studio production techniques in a fully professional studio.

Students study and decode the meaning of Audio Visual Media form, and how it influences the global audience. This course also provides introduction and training to students in writing their own scripts for fiction serials or short films. They develop their own shooting scripts with guidance from their faculty, and as a part of Media Project, they plan, shoot and edit their own films. Students who successfully complete this level learn the TV studio production, channel management techniques, news research analytics and broadcast bulletin production.

  • • TV Anchoring
  • • TV studio Production
  • • TV Media Management studies
  • • TV Research and analytics
  • • News Reel / show production

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