Chairman - WLCI School of Digital Media
Kashish Gupta
Programme Manager - School of Media
WLCI Media School Alumni


Media's School

was established in 2002 with the vision of providing young learners a platform for comprehensive training in different fields of media for creating proactive and responsible media professionals. The School offers career oriented courses in digital, broadcast and print journalism, media production, advertising and mass communication for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Encouraging innovation through dynamic training
However, with the digital technologies overturning the media landscape, we have overhauled the traditional media training to suit the demands of the digital era and converted the Media School into a School of Digital Media & Communications.

At WLCI, School of Digital Media & Communications, we aim to transform young people into insightful and outstanding digital professionals. Our programmes are designed to prepare students for the ever-increasing demands of the digital media scenario, including 360 degrees communications, involving advertising & public relations. We are giving basic orientation of all media forms and technology behind it, so that they can choose the best fit for their professional practice. By bringing in a blend of technology, media and communications, the school has ventured into a unique path in Digital Media & Communications platforms. There is a mix of senior and mid-level professional from the media and communication industry both in the advisory council and faculty, apart from acclaimed academics.

A bright future in Media beckons you
Media and Communications sector is among the fastest growing Industries in India today with a growth rate of 14.3% as predicted by a FICCI-KPMG report. The spread and the impact of Digital Media & Communications technology and the glamour associated with it, has made the sector one of the most coveted professions in the country. The Media and Communications sector requires young professionals who are not only well-informed and exceptionally communicative but also skilled in all the aspects of digital technologies.

Exciting careers await you
Curriculum at the School of Digital Media & Communications involves a healthy mixture of Technology, Media and Communications streams.

To impart the new curriculum we have professionals with diverse experience from digital, print, radio, television to films, advertising and public relations to prepare students for potential job opportunities such as:

• Digital media professionals
• Content Writing & Editing
• Print & Electronic Journalism
• Business and Sports Journalism
• Documentary Film Makers/ Photographers
• Advertising & PR professionals
• Social media professionals
• Digital Publishing and Photography


Journey of a lifetime – WLCI Media School

After being admitted into WLCI, I started my trip from Chennai to Delhi with the enthusiasm of learning page design and layout. Fortunately, i had inundation of response from the Faculty of WLCI. The gleam of knowledge and encouragement was in the air. The teachers were there not only for their duties, but a lot more than that. After spending just a couple of hours, I thought to myself that is really dilwalon ki dilli. And here I met handful of dilwale to give me more than I as a student had expected....

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